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Youth Service (AYS)
AYS (Adventist Youth Society) is monthly afternoon worship service for children and youth grades kindergarten through 12. It is held every week at 5:00pm, in the main sanctuary. 
Every service has an active learning designed to help all students to discover who Christ is and the power of His words.

AYS offers a fun and relaxed youth-focused worship service every week. Our primary goal is to help children and young people develop a deeper and more enriching relationship with Jesus Christ. We strive to accomplish this through music, games, drama, discussions and presentations. Believing that everyone has special gifts that God has given, we involve youth of every gift and skill level to participate in the service. We hope to provide youth with a source of prayer, direction, enlightenment, and encouragement.

It is our desire to give voice to every child, teenager, and young adult and ever point them to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ who is the only answer to the problems of today’s society. Whether it’s through our history, worldview, or community we work to present topics of relevance to our youth. Throughout the year, you may find presenters, concerts, games, or even a “museum”. Some services are dialogue driven, some structured, some relaxed; Some services with experts and accomplished persons of their field or children standing before an audience for the first time. Our prayer is that all of our services provide a memorable and uplifting experience for and by, our youth.

AYS also presents a wonderful opportunity to training youth leaders throughout all our services and programs, including worship planning. At every step of the way–in choosing music, developing skits, structuring prayer–the steps of planning, preparing, and leading have become as important to their spiritual growth as their spent in the sanctuary worship service. Everyone can be involved. We work to involve all children and youth in using the gifts they have. Not every child is ready to stand in front of the congregation, but every child has something to contribute to the body. Teamwork among the youth leaders, and children/youth is a crucial part of this process.

 - Youth know the things that connect them. Our youth take ownership in planning this service and thus they may come up with some different, but great ways to introduce others to Jesus Christ.

 - Youth know other youth. They are encouraged to be bold witnesses for Christ and to bring their friends.

 - Youth are not the future of the church. The truth is they have something valuable to contribute NOW! We encourage them in their gifts, talents, abilities, and desires our youth have NOW to glorify God and edify the body.

New Life’s core value for Children & Youth drives and shapes our ministry to children and youth. When youth are involved in leading worship, the congregation sees the covenant affirmed. When other members of the congregation see teenagers owning the faith and giving back to the body of Christ, they will realize that young people are real contributors to the life of the church. Often this realization leads to a fuller involvement of youth, not only in the AYS service, but also in our weekly “regular” worship services, and in other areas of ministry.

Excited about AYS?

New Life’s AYS Ministry strives to walk with young people on their journeys from childhood to adulthood, recognizing their gifts for ministry, their questions about spirituality, and their desire to make a difference in the world. If you would like more information about how your child/ren can benefit from and participate in AYS, contact: LaGarette Crawford, AYS Ministry Leader – (256) 919-7002.