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Prayer Meeting
“O God in Zion, we wait before you in silent praise, and thus fulfill our vow. And because You answer prayer, all mankind will come to You with their requests.”  (Psalm 65:1-2)

We live in a hectic world, full of stress, temptations, and challenges. There is no better way to recharge your spiritual batteries than by joining us for our Wednesday Prayer & Bible study, Wednesday evenings at 6:00pm in the sanctuary. 

The mid-week service is designed to be an informal gather of those who desire a more personal approach to spiritual growth. It is a time to ask questions, discuss spiritual issues, and pray for specific needs. It is a time to bring before the Lord those burdens and cares that press upon us.

Testimony time gives attendees an opportunity to tell how God has been listening to their prayers. These times also allow us to listen to the miracles that God has been doing in our lives.

The Lord Jesus desires that His church should be a house of prayer. For this reason, we devote the beginning of this service to praying together. It has proven to be a great source of encouragement to our attendees as we praise our God, intercede for our community and the world, and make supplication for our own needs as a church and as individuals. Prayer services are an effective means of reuniting us to Christ and to each other in fellowship.

Following our time of prayer, the Pastor, Elder, or invited guest, hosts a teaching on spiritual growth to deepen our relationship with the Lord. Each lesson draws our thoughts to seek a more passionate pursuit of God’s glory in personal and corporate worship. Attendees enjoy in-depth studies of topical issues facing Christians today, in a manner that encourages discussion and stimulates understanding. Studies are paced to encourage deeper understanding and application.

Make plans to attend this mid-week spiritual recharging!  Wednesday's at 6:00 p.m.